Our ingredients

Enhance your self-care ritual with an all natural aromatherapy candle.

We believe that lighting a candle should help bring a sense of calm to your home and support your wellbeing. Our candles are hand-crafted from high-quality natural ingredients with essential oil blends designed to help soothe, relax or uplift your mood.

The majority of candles currently in the marketplace are made using paraffin wax which is a cheaper option and a by-product of petroleum. It releases highly toxic benzene and toluene which are also found in diesel fumes.

Soy wax

We use sustainable, plant-based soy wax for our candles which creates a luxurious creamy finish, burns for longer and is free of harmful toxins.

Our soy wax is

– 100% plant based

– sustainable and biodegradable

– clean burning

– free of pesticides and herbicide residue

– free of genetically modified material

– not tested on animals

– does not contain any animal or insect products

Essential oils

All of our candles are created using 100% pure essential oils.

We create our own blends using a generous amount of essential oils for a gentle, natural scent.

Our current range includes


We love this fresh, uplifting scent which as the name suggests has a lovely citrus scent with a slightly herbal twist.

Rose geranium

A beautiful warm, rich scent. Rose geranium is known to help balance hormones and be both soothing and uplifting.


One of the most popular essential oils. Lavender blends beautifully with a wide variety of essential oils and offers a clean, floral and herbaceous scent. Lavender is known to have many beneficial qualities including acting as a sedative, soothing headaches and anxiety.


Used in herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac and to promote feelings of well-being. Patchouli is also used as an antidepressant and is said to soothe the nervous system. This essential oil has a floral, earthy base note.

Cotton and paper wicks

In keeping with our all-natural ingredients, we use high-quality cotton and paper wicks for a stable and consistent burn.

As part of our mission to reduce the amount of chemicals in our family home, we only produce products that we are happy to use ourselves and enjoy in the knowledge that they provide a beautiful scent in a safe, natural way.

The environment also plays an important part in how we select our materials and this is something that we will continue to focus on as we evolve as a company.